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3 Indications That it’s Time to Downsize

November 15th, 2022

If you’ve been having nagging thoughts that your home is growing a little too big for you it might be time to downsize. There are many advantages to purchasing a smaller home. The monthly payment should be reduced, you will probably have less upkeep and maintenance to worry about, and a smaller home can feel much cozier. Here are three indications that it’s probably time to downsize.

You Have Unused Rooms

Do you have rooms in your home that are little more than in-house storage units? Are there parts of your house that you never even walk into? If so, you might want to consider downsizing. You are probably paying a premium for the superfluous square footage in your home. The extra space also increases your utility costs. And really, who wants to clean rooms that are never even used? 

Mortgage Payments are a Stretch

Financial reversals can happen to anyone. Sometimes, too, people inadvertently get themselves into a more expensive home than they can realistically afford. Or, maybe you are retired and haven’t yet paid off your home loan. If your mortgage payments are stretching your finances far too thin it might be time to downsize. The good news is that there are hundreds of creative ways to make a smaller space work, even with a family. 

The House Feels Empty

When your kids are grown and flee the nest it can make for a lonely, empty house. Voices seem to echo and the now unnecessary space can feel too big and even a little bit depressing. If your empty nest is getting you down, you should probably downsize. A smaller home will feel cozier and more homey. Plus, you can build new memories there rather than experiencing the constant nostalgia and wistfulness of a home filled with the ghosts of the past. 

Just like a budding family can outgrow its home, a shrinking family can get too big for theirs. As Goldilocks learned, the best home for you is the one that isn’t too big, and isn’t too small, but is just right. Plus, a fresh start is always energizing and uplifting! 

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